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Our Health and Wellness Business Insurance has combined coverage. Coverage and protection for small businesses and individual practitioners. Policies like RMT Insurance and Yoga Insurance in Ontario that meet or exceed any industry licensing requirements. We are raising the bar. We can increase the policy limit to $10,000,000 coverage for commercial general and professional liability.

AAdvantage Insurance is 100% client driven and available for you to contact 24 hours a day.


Our brokerage is 100% client-driven. With 24-hour claim service, online chat and text message, you can get all of your questions answered quickly. Or simply give us a call at 1-226-641-0777. You can also find us on social media. Check out the Healthy Broker today.

With generations of expertise, Advantage Insurance stands at the forefront of business insurance.


Our team of brokers has extensive knowledge in providing RMT, Yoga, Health & Wellness and Small Business Insurance to Canadians. We stand at the forefront of offering General and Professional Liability insurance to Health and Wellness practitioners in Canada.

Coverage and Premiums that are right for your business insurance with Advantage Insurance.


We understand that as a business owner, you are price sensitive. We know things are tough out there these days. Now you can choose coverage and premiums that are right for you. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, we have added a MONTHLY payment option. Our online application and payment system makes it easy for you to get instant coverage at no additional cost.

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We offer a multitude of coverages & limits. Our business insurance policy’s key elements are professional and general liability. Whether you are looking for business insurance for yourself, as an individual practitioner, or a business, we have the Coverage Advantage you need.

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Professional Liability is almost always a mandatory requirement to work in the health and wellness field. It is a vital component of insurance risk management products. Professional Liability's definition is "damages because of injury arising out of the rendering of, or failure to render professional services." In other words, as a health and wellness professional, you are responsible for any client injuries.

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Slips and falls can happen in any business. Unfortunately, any business is not immune to minor accidents. If you are a sub-contractor, you can be responsible for accidents that occur in your place of business because of your negligence. These accidents could result in lawsuits. That is why commercial general liability insurance is imperative. Protect yourself and business with an insurance advantage. The General Liability policy also has several additional coverages automatically included at no additional charge.

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Every small business needs insurance. All Health and Wellness businesses need additional coverage to protect their content, equipment and even their retail inventory. Our plans offer extensive coverage from custom decor to a full-service smoothie bar. Content coverage can be attached to an insurance policy. It will protect from theft, fire, water, loss of income, etc. Insurance coverage with broad, comprehensive protection. Monthly payment plans are available.


Why is having an all-inclusive  professional insurance policy important for every health and wellness professional? Read more to find out.


Property & Content Coverage

Water, Water Everywhere

See how the neighbouring unit causes a Massage Clinic to be damaged and closed for a month during repairs. Thank goodness for RMT Insurance.


Professional Liability


While rushing to complete a service, an esthetician misreads a client’s file causing a burn on their face due to an allergy


Commercial General Liability

Downward Dog Hits Yoga Student

“Dogs playing pool” hits a yoga student on the head.  Yes, a painting fell off the wall when a door slammed.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! Many professionals work from home. Our Professional and General Liability business insurance policy will provide full coverage if you work from home. It will also offer coverage if working in someone else’s home at no additional charge.

No. Virtually all homeowners’ policies exclude “business pursuits on-premises.” It is not uncommon for some carriers to cancel your homeowner (tenants or condo) policy if they find out you have a health and wellness business in your home and don’t have coverage. You should always advise your insurance company that you have a business in your home. If you have any problems, call us, and we can help!

Alternative Health is the majority of what we insure.  We have specialized in it for many years. From small one-person operations to large Spas, Clinics and Salons, we make sure we understand the industry.  You are a safe insurance risk due to all the excellent training you receive from professional regulators.

Yes. We are a Canadian owned and operated insurance brokerage located in Waterloo, Ontario.  We only use Canadian licensed insurance companies with the best claims and service standards.

As a small business owner, you will have additional exposures you will need to insure. Things like contents, crime, accident and professional liability insurance to cover yourself and your space are a few types of coverage you will need. Business Insurance policies for professional liability insurance start at $79 a month.

YES! We know you may provide more than one type of service.  Add additional advanced modalities to the Business Insurance policy for an extra, usually small, fee.  Talk to your Healthy Broker, the Insurance Expert.

“A business or person that carries out work for a company.” Most health and wellness professionals that work at a Clinic, Studio or Spa are subcontractors. A subcontractor will have a contract with the business owner to perform specific services at an agreed rate (or percentage). A subcontractor will be responsible for paying their taxes, CPP & EI.  A sub-contractor also MUST carry their own business insurance including, professional and general liability insurance.

Yes (unfortunately). In Ontario we must add 8% tax to each policy. Every province is different.

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David Stark and Chris Stark, RIBO

“We realize that during these difficult times, many of you have not been able to work, doing what you love. While the whole country worked to flatten the curve, you have made a great sacrifice.  Thank you. We are here to help. After months of hard work, we can now offer you monthly payments on most of our products as you start your business up again” – Chris & David

“Clients and their insurance needs are my expertise.  I have been working in the insurance industry for over 30 years.  I love finding out all about my client’s business. Then working with the insurance companies, I can negotiate the best product and price for your business insurance.  Working together, I will make sure your business is protected. 


My specialty is commercial insurance, including professional and general liability. I created the model of Speciality Programs used in the Health & Wellness Industry today. I am excited to now be working with the Ives Advantage brand, to merge their excellent insurance business with my specialty program expertise.


With Advantage Insurance, you can be sure I have the experience and expertise to provide your business with the Insurance Advantage.” – David Stark

David Stark, RIBO, Insurance Program Specalist
Chris Stark The Healthy Broker

“I’m so grateful to be able to help you with your Business Insurance needs. I’m passionate about my clients and what they do. Staying on top of the latest trends in my client’s industry is a priority.


My family and I are clients of many Health and Wellness professionals. As a family, we value self-care.  Our health would not be the same without massage, spa treatments, osteopaths, yoga, etc.  We hope to see you soon. In the meantime, technology allows us to complete work for you via email, text, telephone and chat.


At Advantage Insurance, I continue to make sure I am knowledgeable to ensure I can provide all types of businesses with the Insurance Advantage.” – Chris Stark

Giving You An Insurance ADVANTAGE!

We know there are lots of brokers giving you options for business insurance. Let us give you these Advantages:

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Experience Advantage

Our team has years of experience stemming from generations of learning and insight.

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Company Advantage

We have strong long-standing relationships with our insurance companies which help from purchasing policies, to renewals, to claims. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated. We only deal with Canadian Insurance Companies.

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Progressive Advantage

We are always adapting to the global industry by selecting new technologies to make available to you and adding new coverages to your policy.

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