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The Need for Mobility

Do you ever smile when you hear or see a cute play on words? Is it “Pets Mart” or “Pet Smart”? Well, we have come up with our own. If you read the title “The need for mobility,” you are probably thinking about flexibility, stretching, and the like. Well, we want to talk about mobility in your professional liability insurance policy.  Your ability to move from one location to another to work and still be protected with insurance is essential.  We have you covered with the Insurance Advantage wherever your work takes you.


These days Health and Wellness professionals work at more than one location at a time.  Especially true for new graduates as they get up and running. Our brokers have found there is a 90% chance you will work at more than three spas or clinics in a given year. Some professionals specialize in offering coverage to others when they are on holiday and not able to work. In this case, these professionals often work at over ten places of employment in a year.  Now that’s mobility! You need to have a policy that is NOT location-based. Your yoga insurance policy will need to cover you as a yoga instructor anywhere in Canada. It should not limit you to a specific yoga studio or a list of studios.


The vast majority of spa and clinics hire new Health and Wellness professionals as sub-contractor. Meaning you are not an employee but own a small business.  You need the Advantage Insurance protection with Health and Wellness insurance.  The spa or clinic owner will probably insist that you provide proof of insurance before your first interaction with clients. We will provide you with a copy of your insurance policy or a unique Certificate of Insurance if required.  This certificate will show the name and address of the studio or clinic and will add them to your existing policy.  Once this happens, they will receive notification in writing of the cancellation of your professional or general liability policy.  Also, if there is a claim, they will have coverage under your insurance for that specific claim only. They can not access your insurance for any other employee, subcontractor or insurance claims that are not your responsibility.


Some Health and Wellness practitioners also work at the local YMCA, local church or activity center. We recently spoke with a yoga instructor who solely held classes outdoor in the park. Regardless of where you work, you have 100% coverage under our policy. Some of the most lucrative work is private classes or treatments. If you offer these in your home, your homeowner’s policy will NOT provide coverage for “business pursuits on-premises.” So, if someone slips on your sidewalk or trips on a loose carpet and is injured, your homeowner’s insurance policy will NOT offer protection. The same thing applies to an RMT giving treatment at their client’s house. If you damage something on their premises or cause an injury related to your business operation, you are responsible.


Health and Wellness policies also come with two main types of coverage. Professional Liability (PL) insurance provides coverage for bodily injury caused by your actions while working. Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance provides cover for bodily injury or property damage you create as a sub-contractor. PL and CGL coverage is essential. Most Health and Wellness professionals believe that PL coverage is called upon more often than CGL. The opposite is the truth.  In any given year, we receive almost four times as many CGL claims as professional liability claims.


You can find examples of PL and CGL claims in our claims sections. Things happening are rare, but they do occur. A lawsuit can exceed over $100,000 in damages.  Unfortunately, you can be notified about an accident month after they happen and long after you have forgotten all about something you thought was insignificant.  Some lawsuits are filed months after the event. It could take up to a year to receive legal notification of a pending claim.


In summary, as a Health and Wellness practitioner or teacher, you will want to make sure your professional and general liability policy allows you to work anywhere in Canada. Check your existing insurance policy or talk to our Healthy Broker.  We will make sure you have all the Insurance Protection Advantage you need to work anywhere and in multiple locations.  Protection that gives you the mobility you need in your profession.   

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