Unica & Advantage Insurance partner for RMT Insurance.

RMT Insurance & Unica

Broker, brokerage, the insurance company, underwriter, adjuster? Why do I need all these people for my massage therapist insurance policy? We agree this is a lot for a policy that is only $15.84 a month, but RMT insurance needs a professional touch. As your insurance broker, we are your point of contact, your advocate, and hope to become your friends. Our job; to place your massage therapist insurance policy with the best insurance company for you. At Ives Advantage Insurance, as your broker, we chose to partner with Unica Insurance.


When we create an insurance product, there are factors to consider regarding your RMT insurance policy. The end goal is to place your RMT insurance policy with an insurance company or (carrier as we call them in the industry) that will provide a comprehensive insurance policy. One that can grow with you and offer product enhancements free of charge and be there for you to help with claims. Our brokerage chose to work with Unica insurance for the RMT insurance program for this and many other reasons.


Unica may be new to the RMT space; however, they are not a new insurance company by any standard. Founded in 1955, Unica Insurance includes as their value proposition to provide niche insurance products. And we leveraged the often-over sighted professionalism of the RMT space and their passion for niche business and made an insurance match! Unica prides itself on finding solutions for insurance risk that deserve a competitive edge. Using our experience as brokers, we presented the idea of an RMT insurance product underwritten by Unica. Our solution revolved on brokering an RMT insurance product that had some real value to the RMT community.  We chose Unica because one of their business values echoed this idea.


It would help if you understood when looking for a massage therapist insurance provider, there are over one hundred insurance options. Some are very saturated with RMT products. Others offer a similar product but to another field of health and wellness providers. We took the list and paired it down week after week until we had a meeting with Unica. While this was very much outside their classic product offering, they were up to the challenge. Unica offers an outside the box underwriting solution, so we worked with many of their departments to deliver this fantastic RMT insurance product. Actuary to validate our amazing premium, accounting to offer a fast product deliverance and underwriting to enhance the wordings provided a great product. 


The primary purpose of insurance is to protect you from lawsuits. If you are involved in a suit, you want your RMT insurance company to defend you. To start this process, we, your broker, submit a claim to the insurance company. How the insurance company handles that claim will have a significant impact on your professional career. The goal is to have a very seamless process where the legal claims team takes all your files and begin working with the plaintiff within the legal scope. This process is an incredibly unique one for most massage therapists, and having a good insurance broker will set your mind at ease. Unica has worked hard to create a claims process specific to the RMT insurance process.


As the world evolves, you want your insurance product to grow, but not at an additional premium. A valuable aspect of Unica insurance; they are an ever-evolving insurance company. They take change and growth at the core of their underwriting, and we look forward to having many long years of growth with this insurance company.


Finally, the last part of a Broker, RMT, and Insurance company relationship is the Insurance Company’s financial strength. The last thing you want is an insurance company so underwater with claims that they cannot pay your RMT insurance claim. Unica insurance is part of a large financial company called Le Capital based in Quebec with a long-standing history of providing sheer financial strength to its clients. Unica being part of this will provide not only funds for your claim but also stability to keep your insurance policy underwritten for as long as you are practicing. 


We are excited and proud to be partnering with Unica Insurance.  We believe this partnership will provide you with the best possible RMT Insurance Policy. We understand and care about your industry.  Years of experience by our team of brokers, coupled with Unica’s Insurance strengths, will give you the Insurance Protection and Price Advantage you need for your RMT Business. 







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