RMT Insurance Protection

Insurance Protection with an RMT Insurance Policy.

Insurance Protection for a Registered Massage Therapist is a necessary expense for a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. With this annual expense, the balance between cost and protection is quite delicate. Do you purchase the most expensive RMT insurance available that allows you to sleep at night knowing you have the ultimate Insurance Protection? Or do you go with the basic policy that barely satisfies the CMTO requirements? The answer is to look for a product in the middle.

Our RMT insurance policy provides better insurance protection in every category of By-law 10. We have a $1,000,000 more per limit of coverage. We have added General Liability and reduced the deductible down to zero dollars. Plus, we have added a broad definition of injury that helps cover all types of lawsuits. Insurance Protections so that a client can not accuse you of causing harm, from mental to emotional and most often physical abuse.

Why purchase an RMT insurance policy?

An injury of a client can result in a multi-million dollar lawsuit. For many Massage Therapists, an insurance claim can be a costly education process. When you have dedicated two years of your life to RMT education, protecting your career is paramount. An RMT performs so many treatments per year, and after being in business for many years, you may never see a claim. Then of all a sudden, you could find yourself running into a significant legal claim for negligence and need that RMT Insurance Protection. Our RMT Insurance Policy provides liability coverage, retains your right to practice, and gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t have any problems dealing with claims.  Unfortunately, claims happen in your line of work. The yearly practice of renewing your membership with the college is also more straightforward because you know your insurance meets By-law 10.

What should an RMT insurance policy cover?

You need to do your research and weigh all the ins and outs before purchasing RMT insurance. Do you know what an excellent commercial insurance policy should cover? Here are just a few of the basics but remember these are just the essentials.  An RMT insurance policy will cover an incident of intentional or accidental neglect during a treatment. The policy would also cover accidents outside the course of treatment. Under the General Liability clause, we can cover accidents such as clients slipping and falling in the treatment room. When developing our insurance product, we ensured all the services under the CMTO scope of practice were automatically included to extend to you the Insurance Protection you require.

What should an RMT insurance policy NOT cover?

Will the insurance company send a third-party adjuster? Is there an alternative to RMT insurance that will cover all my RMT needs? Do I have enough coverage? Do I have enough RMT insurance to cover my building? These are all the common RMT insurance questions asked by my newly graduated registered massage therapist clients. Therefore, we felt it was time to write an article to cover all my most important questions. RMT Insurance in Ontario, available to members of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, is divided into several categories, and there are things we do not cover. The first category we do not cover is Business Interruption or Loss of Income, and the second category covers personal injury. Finally, we do not cover any sexual abuse you cause to your patients if you are found guilty.


Looking for an insurance provider, the right amount of limit coverage, the range of exclusions, and getting the quotes to compare different prices is the easiest part. Now, the hard part is to make the right decision. Ultimately, it is up to your balance between pricing and coverage to ensure you have the correct Insurance Protection to fit your needs. If you do not mind the risk, you can go with the lowest premium amount. On the other hand, if you do not mind a certain level of coverage, but the price is beyond your reach, you might want to save some money. Reference the CMTO for an amendment to the By-law 10. This amendment is the coming of age of the College of Massage Therapy of Ontario. Some changes have already been implemented, such as the three primary parts of coverage that Massage Therapists need to carry.

At Ives Advantage Insurance, we are constantly staying up to date on the CMTO requirements.  We believe we have an RMT Insurance policy that will meet your insurance requirements at a terrific price, providing you with the Insurance Protection Advantage you need.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email, text, chat or phone.  We are here to help with all of your insurance needs.

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