Yoga Insurance for outside classes

Yoga Insurance for Outside Classes

The Best Way To Get The Coverage You Need

When teaching yoga classes outside, there are things you need to consider. First, there are new risks from the elements. Second, make sure you have coverage with your Yoga Insurance for outside classes! Below we will chat about my yoga experience outside, how insurance works and having a plan to mitigate your risk and claims.  

My Yoga Experience Outside

I would describe my first outdoor yoga class as the experience of a lifetime. For years, I’ve talked about my desire to try out new classes and figure out what I love about them. However, I have never experienced anything like this. On a mild, crisp spring afternoon, I decided to make my way to my local community center and test out a yoga class for the first time in years. Since then, I’ve continued to make a few tentative attempts at doing yoga in a more outdoor setting, but each time I was taken by surprise by how much I enjoy doing the class outside. With that said, I am an Insurance Broker. Therefore, I always think about the risks and need for Yoga Insurance for outside classes. 

What is Yoga Insurance?

Yoga Insurance is a different type of coverage.  Our policies specialize in Professional Liability and General Liability to protect you and your clients. You can get the same kind of insurance from a few other insurance brokers, but we specialize in Yoga Insurance. Find out more about your Yoga Insurance here. If you are thinking about doing yoga outside, you should purchase an insurance policy well in advance. Now is the time to buy your Yoga Insurance.  Don’t wait until after a claim or before you need a certificate of insurance for a local municipality! Yes, most municipalities want to see that you have Yoga Insurance for outside classes for their protection.

What is the typical cost for Yoga Insurance, you may ask? Our insurance policy is only $175/year. Our policy is streamlined, affordable, and 100% online. Going through our website allows learning more about the policy. The total cost of such insurance varies from company to company. You can expect our set price of $175 for $3,000,000 in Professional Liability coverage to be consistent. Our policy is 100% mobile meaning it covers your exposure even outside of the four walls of a studio. Purchase Yoga Insurance for your outside classes and any of your yoga programs. Get Started Today.


What are the Risks of Doing Yoga Outside?

When people attend a yoga class, they come equipped with a yoga mat, towel, and water. As far as equipment is concerned outside classes seem simple. However, while doing yoga poses, they could encounter different hazards, and those hazards could pose risks to their well-being. What if they trip or fall on uneven grass? What if there is pop-up weather? Some yoga teachers like to be adventurous and hike into a unique location. That hike at your direction could pose a risk. During our current situation of needing to be outside these days, some people are using parking lots.  These can be more hazardous as hard surfaces can lead to more injuries during a fall. Other considerations are the lack of drinking water. Dehydration during a class can end up in a client fainting and falling.  That poses risks to you as the teacher.  You need to be prepared and have a plan. While your students are in your class, they are your responsibility.  Things can happen, and that’s why you need Yoga Insurance for outside classes. 

Have a Plan for Outdoor Yoga

Every year, summertime brings many risks for yogis. Yoga classes outside in hot weather puts you and others at risk of heat-related illnesses. If you are not used to getting outside and working out at any temperature, exercise outside might be too much for your body. A yoga instructor must do some work with physical fitness to teach, and any lack of knowledge on the topic can endanger your customers. Being trained in first aid is helpful to mitigate claims as to the more severe the injury, the worse the lawsuits. Know the surroundings of where you are going to hold that outside classes.  Know where there is a source of water, washrooms and shelter.  Make sure you have a charged phone in case you need to call for assistance.  That plan will help you and your students in case of an emergency. The plan should include Yoga Insurance for outside classes.



This year, more than ever, we are encouraged to do as much outside as possible. Yoga classes outside are unforgettable experiences.  However, some risks require a plan.  Think about your surroundings, water, location and weather. Make sure your plan includes Yoga Insurance for outside classes. At Ives Advantage, we are here to help you with that plan.  Get a quote online for Yoga Insurance from a reliable Insurance Broker that specializes in your business.  Or contact us directly if you have questions.  We are available by text, email, chat or phone. We want to give you the Protection Advantage you need to have a great summer!


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