Burn, Baby Burn.

Fire, fire, everywhere (and in my shop) It’s not my fault! A fire damage claim can cause so much damage.

It’s early Sunday morning, and I get a call from my landlord that a fire started in the mechanic shop next door, and my unit is affected. I race to my shop in 12 minutes flat. I show up, and the firefighters are leaving; I open the office door, and all the tools and equipment were damaged from either the smoke damage or from the sprinklers– –

Thank goodness for my detailing insurance expert. The policy I purchased covered this accident. The insurance company paid for all my repairs. They covered the lost revenue for 3 days of cleaning up. My total out-of-pocket expenses was only my deductible of $1,000.00. The insurance company paid out over $20,000 for the claim.

Talk to your Detailing Insurance Expert about Content Coverage. Make sure you have the Insurance Advantage to cover your business for all kinds of accidents. Contact your Detailing Insurance Expert @ nick@ai-brokers.ca or get a free quote.

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