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That pole jumped out of Nowhere!

It is late Friday afternoon; a regular customer drops in and wants a quick, last-minute handwash on his Mercedes for his date later that night. You tell your newer employee, Matt, to pull the vehicle into the shop. Matt promptly hops in the customer’s vehicle and backs it out of a parking spot and then suddenly you hear a loud bang. Matt crashed the customer’s vehicle into a cement post in your parking lot. The hood, front grill, and sensor need to be replaced costing more than $10,000 to repair!

Thank goodness for my detailing insurance expert. The garage auto policy I purchased covered this collision accident. The insurance company paid for all my repairs. They covered the customer’s rental car. My total out-of-pocket expenses were only my deductible of $1,000 The insurance company paid out the remaining $9,000 for the claim.

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