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Annual Premiums available


Offering coverage for mobile detailers to a full-service detailing shop.

Mobile Detailers

$133.90 mth

Individual mobile car detailers that do not have a shop. Working on private passenger vehicles, one vehicle at a time. Limited equipment and contents. No work on high-value or exotic cars. No service plates.

Detailing Shop
(1 or 2 Bays)

$175.00 mth

Car detailing shop with a physical location. Work being done on more than one private passenger vehicle at a time, with some work on high-value or exotic cars. Includes some equipment and contents; one service plate.

Larger shop
(3 to 5 Bays)

$200.00 mth

Larger car detailer shop with a physical location or employees. Comprehensive coverage protecting your content, building improvements, loss of income, crime, liability, service plates, and more.

Your Insurance Advantage


Garage auto and liability policies form the core of all our programs. Whether you are an owner-operator of a mobIle operation or have five bays, you always need both. We have raised the bar. Our car detailer insurance product is a boutique product made for the car detailing industry.


We have created the only online car detailer quoting system that combines garage auto and business insurance. Our brokerage is 100% client-driven, just like you! We are available 24/7. Car Detailing Professionals trust us to be there when disasters strike. Our products offer a multitude of channels and options to work with us.


Garage auto policies are one of the most misunderstood insurance policies out there. Our brokers have extensive knowledge in the industry, including over 40 years of combined experience providing coverage to car detailers across Ontario. We have stood at the forefront of offering insurance to detailing professionals for the last ten years.


Car Detailer Insurance protects from unnecessary risk to detailers, mechanics, and the auto service sector in Ontario. We understand that as a business owner, you are price sensitive. We always give you our best price every time.

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We offer a multitude of coverages & limits. However, our car detailer insurance policies are always
driven by garage auto liability and general liability.

Garage Auto Liability (OAP4)

Garage Auto liability is a vital component of your insurance risk management product. A garage auto policy covers vehicles in your care, custody, and control. Just like your personal car it has collision and comprehensive (or all perils) but it is only for customer vehicles. Garage policies also cover injury or damage you cause to third parties if you are driving your customers vehicles. Garage policies can also provide special coverage for vehicles left outside overnight or on the weekend. Garage policies can also cover service plates.


Slips and falls can happen in any business. Unfortunately, the car detailing industry is more prone to minor accidents. Imagine having a client slip and fall when picking up their vehicle. Things happen. These accidents could result in lawsuits. That is why commercial general liability insurance is imperative. Protect yourself and your business with an insurance advantage.


Car Detailing professionals use a variety of equipment. Some machines that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Supplies and all specialized equipment are all susceptible. Plus, don’t forget about your retail inventory. Car Detailer businesses need additional coverage to protect their contents and equipment. Content coverage can be attached to your insurance policy. It will protect from theft, fire, water, etc. Insurance coverage with broad, comprehensive protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the limits required, driving record, the scope of operations, and the number of employees. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

No, we offer a package car detailer insurance policy. Both policies are needed to make sure your operation is covered.

Yes, we can. It is very reasonable to add a service plate.

Yes, we can; please reach out to to get a quote.

Our car detailing insurance policies can both cover mobile and fixed locations.

Yes, we can. We have specialty solutions for vehicles that are not typically covered under the traditional garage auto policy.

Yes, we can via direct withdrawal. 

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Nick Bio

Nick is our resident Car Detailer Insurance expert here at Advantage. He has a passion for all things automotive. For over five years, Nick has concentrated on just commercial insurance. He believes you need to be a specialist in commercial insurance. Each type of business requires special expertise. Nick sees the disconnect between the insurance companies and car detailers. Not many brokers understand garage auto policies. That is why he has worked hard to streamline the process and create a dedicated quoting system just for detailers. Nick has mastered the coverage with each insurance company while reducing rates and increasing coverages! 

Giving You An Insurance ADVANTAGE!

We know there are lots of brokers giving you options for business insurance. Let us give you these Advantages:

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Insurance Companies

We work with lots of insurance companies to get you multiple quotes. This allows you to save and get better coverage on your car detailing insurance.

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IGL Coating & Feynlab Ceramic

Our insurance companies understand ceramic coating and can easily insure C=ceramic applications.

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Non Automotive

We can insure boats, farm equipment, RV's, heavy equipment etc. If it moves, we can cover you detailing the vehicle.


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