Commercial General Liability Claim

Commercial Liability Claim

Downward Dog Takes Out Client

Totally unexpected accidents can happen. Make sure your Small Business Insurance policy has Commercial General Liability insurance. This will cover you for these accidents.

Imagine a client sitting in your waiting room. Now imagine a cute wall hanging in that waiting room. Can you see what might happen next? Below is an example of why this type of insurance is so crucial. Here is a visual.

Have you ever seen the picture of a group of dogs playing pool? Well, imagine if this picture is hanging on the wall next to the main door of your studio. Your studio is filled with waiting clients. Someone walks in, and a gust of wind causes the door to slam shut. Sure enough, the picture falls off the wall. It lands squarely on the top of a client's head. They are on the floor before you can say "downward dog." 911 calls, a lot of blood (because head wounds bleed a lot), lots of towels to stem the flow and off to the hospital your client goes as a precaution. Your client calls to report, they are okay with no stitches needed. You make some notes. The client even comes back a couple of times. You forget all about it. Business goes on….

Well, the story doesn't end here. A couple of weeks later, the clinic owner gets a note from the injured client's lawyer. A lawsuit is pending for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, family and you name it. A suit for a lot of money. And no matter what you are now involved and need to get your own lawyer. Your own costs start with receipt of that letter.

But your Health and Wellness Insurance Expert has educated you all about proper insurance. You have Commercial General Liability, and as soon as you receive the letter, you call your Insurance Broker. You have a claim and need protection. Your insurance company defends your case. They pay all the expenses and the final settlement. The studio owner is out "ZERO" dollars.

A freak accident. All caused by a picture hanging on a wall on a very blustery day. But there are so many potential accidents that can happen through no fault of your own. Talk to your Healthy Insurance Broker to make sure you have all the proper coverage for yourself, your business and your clients. Make sure you have the Insurance Advantage!