Content Coverage Claim

Content Coverage for Water Damage

Water Damage from Neighbouring Chinese Restaurant

Water, water, everywhere (and in my Massage Clinic.) It’s not my fault! A water damage claim can cause so much damage. YOu need the Business Insurance Protection for a Content Coverage Claim.

It’s early Sunday morning.nd I get a call from my landlord that there is substantial water running out the front door of my clinic. I race to my clinic in 12 minutes flat. I run-up to my clinic on the second floor. (Yes, it is a little unique to be on the second floor, but the rent was cheap, and I wanted more space than I could afford on the first floor.) Sure, enough! There is water coming out of my front door and pooling in the hall. I open the door expecting the worst, and that is what I see. We quickly look for the source. Water is coming out of the drain from my washing machine. It’s running all over the place and flooding the whole unit. How did this happen? How can the drain be plugged? Wait for it – – –

There is a Chinese restaurant on the main floor and an apartment on the third floor. What happened is the restaurant poured some used cooking oil down the drain last night, and it solidified in the pipe overnight. Then early this morning the third-floor tenant had a long shower. With the pipe full of grease, the water had nowhere to go but up! Since that drain is the lowest in my unit, that’s where it came out first. So, as I said, not my fault! However, my unit has the most damage, and I can’t open the next day. Thank goodness for my beauty insurance expert. The policy I purchased covered this accident. The insurance company paid for all my repairs. They covered the lost revenue for three days of cleaning up. My total out of pocket expenses was only my deductible of $500.00. The insurance company paid out over $20,000 for the claim.

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