Professional Liability Claim

Professional Liability Claim with a hot towel.


BURNT! Professional Liability Claim Professional Liability protects you from a misstep. No matter what type of business you need this insurance to protect you from a professional liability claim. Unfortunately, things can go wrong in a split second.

Esthetician training is complete, and you update it regularly. You have strict safety protocols to follow. All clients complete intake forms and sign waivers. The thing is we are all human and can make mistakes. There is one in every crowd. While waxing, they move suddenly and get burnt!! During a hair cut, the client jerks suddenly, causing you to cut their ear. You want to make sure you and your clients are protected. Now you need professional liability insurance for protection advantage from any costs for that error. Costs occurred from "professional negligence" even though it just happened.

The most claims received are from burns believe it or not. Imagine your client has a hot towel on after your facial. They are enjoying the relaxing moment while you quietly clean up around them. Your client completed the intake form and never mentioned sensitive skin. As a professional, you felt the towel first, asked them if it was too warm, and set a timer. All of a sudden, “Help!”.You whip off the towel, only to see a rash developing on their skin. They have a burn. The intake form and your questions addressed sensitive skin issues. As an esthetician, everything followed protocol. That doesn’t mean the client isn’t going asses blame. The client could sue you the spa, and everyone else their lawyer wants to blame for negligence.

The other new claim is from incidents of cell phone use during treatment. Clients don’t understand that most spas have a no cell phone sign for a reason. It provides a relaxing environment for all. No cell phone use also has become a precaution against any missteps. “I just need to have my phone in case my babysitter calls.” The spa front desk number is available to the babysitter for an emergency. But they leave their phone in their pockets or classically put it under the sheets. As you go to pour hot wax on their eyebrow for waxing, the phone vibrates. The client’s movement during a critical moment causes a burn injury. In all of these cases, you did the utmost to protect your client.

None of this is directly your fault. But with a burn or a cut, especially on the face it is hard to tell a client that. If they contact a lawyer, it will have to work its way through the process, and you need the protection advantage that Professional Liability Insurance can provide.

These are the most common claims. They happen every day across the country. So be careful, remember your training and be patient. Just because there is one in every crowd does not mean they have to be in your Spa. If you need more information, contact your Health and Wellness Insurance Expert.