RMT Abuse Claim

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When You are the Victim

As an RMT, you have a unique profession.  There are not too many occupations, quite like yours! You are in a room with a client you have never met. They are naked under a sheet and on your massage table. If you ever wondered why you need RMT Insurance, this is the perfect reason why. You are susceptible to abuse claims.  Your education, training, and licensing have prepared you to be a professional.  You know all the protocols.  What could go wrong?  We want you to have protection when you are the victim.



The majority, if not all, of your clients, are there to be helped.  But there is that one in a million chance.  Luckily claims are few and far between, but when they do happen – lookout. That random chance is why you need the correct RMT Insurance coverage.


We would estimate that 60% of all abuse claims are “bogus.” Don’t get us wrong. There are some legitimate claims. There are also lots of people trying to make an easy buck. Even people being vindictive. The most common bogus claim is just someone looking to get attention.  You can help ease stress and help heal the body.  Knowing someone’s mental state is impossible. Thankfully, our experience has you covered.


Our expertise in the Health and Wellness Insurance industry has helped put in place a great process to identify people looking to cash in. We track the trends from previous claims.  Our claims experience helps insurance companies identify missing or conflicting details. Our insurance companies help with these bogus abuse claims. Usually, when push comes to shove, the client drops the charges and slinks away.  Having the peace of mind to know the insurance company is dealing with your claim is priceless.


People looking for a “free lunch” usually have a track record of complaining or trying to extort free massages out of an RMT. We often ask, “if you were unhappy enough to complain (or threaten to), why do you (did you) keep coming back?”. These kinds of people usually have a story that does not add up.  In today’s society, the other huge factor is always mental health. You love what you do and what to help people. When you are the victim, it may be because of one crazy situation or a vindictive client.


Vindictive claims can even center around spouses. One abuse claim stemmed from an RMT having an affair with a client. The jilted spouse reported them to the college for an abuse claim. Another example was about single RMT who dated a client when they were still a client. The tragic romance ended and resulted in a complaint to the college.  These incidents made the RMT’s life difficult. Vindictive types of claims are becoming more common. In today’s world of instant news, annoyed clients have a broad audience. They communicate their grievances with just a few taps on a smartphone.


A 30-year RMT veteran may never have had any of the above experiences.  Unfortunately, it only takes one situation to become life challenging when you are the victim.  RMT Insurance protects you, your business, your family and your health.  What you can do to protect yourself is always keep client notes.  Make sure you have all clients fill out intake forms.  Make sure you provide post-care information.


Most importantly, trust your instincts.  If something does not add up, do not proceed with treatment.  Especially if it is a new client, use your training and experiences to protect yourself.


If something unique occurs, let your Insurance Broker know right away.  Anything unusual can turn into an abuse claim. Something as simple entering the room when a client is still undressed even though they indicated otherwise.  Protect yourself by keeping accurate records.  Your Healthy Broker is always there to help.  Reporting something that you think is strange, only takes a phone call.  Nothing may become of it.  It is better to be safe than sorry.


These examples are endless, but here is one that hammers home the point.  It has been going on for years, even though police and courts are aware of this situation.



At Advantage Insurance, we use our expertise.  We help you navigate abuse claims.  With the assistance of insurance companies, we sort through the bogus claims.  If there is a claim, your RMT Insurance will protect you when you are the victim.  The insurance will cover the costs up to $25,000 after you have been found not guilty or proven innocent.  Help yourself by keeping accurate client notes.  We are here to help.  Contact your Health Broker by email, chat, text or phone.  We want to make sure you have the Insurance Advantage!